Hello friends!  September is already halfway over, which means that we are also approaching the halfway point of our rehearsals.

David, our artistic director, leads us gently but firmly, reminding us of important things like diction, dynamics, and those all important rests (the musical ones that we have a tendency to run over!)

Mary was recruited from her spot amongst the altos to accompany and lead the women’s parts rehearsal in the sanctuary while David, with Lisa as accompanist, directed the men’s parts rehearsal in the chorus room downstairs.

Here we are, all back together for combined rehearsal.

Time is passing quickly and our music-making is progressing nicely.  Concert time will be here before you know it!  Have you marked your calendar?!

  • Saturday, November 4, Penney Memorial Church, 4 pm
  • Sunday, November 5, Orange Park Presbyterian Church, 4 pm